Looking forward to having a ring on your finger but not sure you want to go down the traditional route?

Love sparkles but are convinced a diamond solitaire wouldn’t match your look? Be inspired with five fabulous alternative ring styles, perfect for brides who’re looking for something a little different in an engagement ring.
rose cut diamond enegagement ring brisbane 1. Blissfully Bohemian
Bohemian brides keen to showcase their chilled out side should look for designs incorporating natural elements and shapes inspired by flowers, plants and landscapes. Rough-hewn stones and textured metals are particular favourites.
2. Vintage Va Va Voom
If modern rings aren’t offering you the style you’re looking for, why not swap them for a vintage diamond ring? Elegant and sophisticated, vintage rings come in many different shapes and sizes and can be custom made to suit just about any diamond shape.
3. Marvellous Minimalist

If you’re after a sleek, modern look, a minimalist ring style is right up your alley. Minimalist style ring designs incorporate more metalwork than gemstones and are the perfect choice for non-traditional brides with an unconventional mindset.
4. Dashing Diamonds
Take the traditional diamond and turn it on its head with engagement rings boasting some creative cuts, unusual arrangements and some fabulous colours – from deep greys to gorgeous pinks. 
5. Unusual Gemstones
Give your ring a style of its own by looking past the traditional engagement choices. There are a huge number of gems out there, each with its own unique properties and in a stunning array of colours. All that’s left is to find the one that perfectly suits you.
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