If you’re looking for an excuse to buy new jewellery, why not use the changing season? This winter brings with it plenty of exciting new jewellery trends, so you can be sure you’ll find something to suit your tastes. 

All Things Weird

It might sound weird, but one hot jewellery trend this winter actually focuses on all things weird. Seen most recently on the catwalk, eye-catching earrings to attention-grabbing necklaces, this season’s accessories are set to intrigue onlookers.

Alongside the weird earrings trend comes something even more unusual – weird ear accessories. Top fashion designers have all tried their hand at creating bizarre ear accoutrements, such as barbed wire at Rodarte, nails at Versace, and charms at Kenzo. If you’re not quite willing to go that far, bold and bright earrings such as chandelier style ones or big gem stones are the way to go.

Daring Necklaces

Chokers are back in vogue big time! Chokers adorned with large jewels are particularly stylish and can be used to complement almost any outfit. As for those who fell in love with the owl jewellery trend that has been at the height of fashion in recent years, the new animals of choice are serpents and insects – definitely in keeping with the weird theme!

Jewellery Stores in Brisbane

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