Don’t let your gold pieces collect dust, bring them into Clayfield Jewellery for an upgrade!

In this era of upcycling and buying vintage, now is the time to utilise what you might have lying at home. We understand that even though you may not wear your gold pieces, they often still have sentimental value. This is where our gold buyback service can help. We will take your unused gold and turn it into something new.

Gold is a classic choice for jewellery items, it’s perfect due to its durability and beauty. The natural element is found in quartz veins and alluvial deposits. Pure gold is the result of the extracted gold being purified, removing other metals. The timeless nature of gold jewellery means that many people have a gold item in their collection, whether it’s a ring, a gold chain or earrings. 

No matter what style suits best, you can select a colour to match. Gold comes in the classic yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. These take on their colouring after being mixed with other metals such as silver, copper and palladium. Each of these metals has different qualities to them, bringing different colouring to the gold.

Before bringing in your gold, consider a few things first.

Do you have sentimental value with the item? If so, come in and chat with us about your options. We have a skilled team of jewellery designers who can help you with the design process and any other ideas.

Do you want to keep the jewellery? We can buy your gold jewellery from you and provide in-store credit. We have a stunning range of jewellery to select from, whether you’re wanting a new piece of gold or something completely different.

Alternatively, we can simply update your gold item. Perhaps it has seen better days but still remains a treasure. In this case, we can clean and fix it up to be shiny and new again. Hopefully, you will feel inclined to wear it more often, or perhaps regift it to someone special.

Caring for your Jewellery

You still need to care for your jewellery, even once it has been updated. It’s not hard to maintain the shine and lustre of your gold jewellery. Simply use a soft cloth to polish your gold. Your jewellery will collect dirt as well, so every now and then soak it in mild detergent and gently clean with a soft cloth. This will remove the grime and keep it sparkling. However, a deeper clean will also be required eventually, especially for jewellery with diamonds, which can become tarnished over time. We offer a professional cleaning service to help you keep your gold pieces as shiny as the day you got them.